The PSD accuses the government of carrying out an “advertising campaign” with student accommodation | University education

The PSD accuses the government of having organized “a real propaganda campaign” in connection with the National Higher Education Housing Plan (PNAES) and addressed a series of questions to the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

The Social Democratic deputies begin by recalling that on April 14 of last year, the executive announced the creation of 14,000 beds for students, which would reach 20,000 with the contribution of the private sector.

“It turned out that the PNAES was a real debacle,” they add, citing information from the PUBLIC who, last week, realized that only 300 new beds were available at the start of the academic year in course, while according to the government plan, 4681 should be ready. According to the PSD, this fact “only accentuates the incompetence and unrealism around this theme”.

MEPs say their concerns worsened when it was made public that the National Building Rehabilitation Fund “has spent 7.1 million euros and has not rehabilitated a single home”.

They also recall that an investment was made via the Social Security Stabilization Fund to the tune of 1400 million euros, via the public company Fundiestamo, which “demanded from higher education establishments an interest of 4% to finance adaptation or rehabilitation of buildings with a view to their creation. university residences ”.

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“This royalty demanded by the government of higher education establishments is almost usurious and immoral, being above all an instrument of public interest and whose promoters are also public institutions such as universities, polytechnics and autarchies”, underline the Social Democrats in the text whose first subscriber is Duarte Marques.

Taking these premises into account, the PSD questions the Minister of Science and Higher Education on “how does the government justify Fundiestamo asking higher education institutions to pay 4% interest to finance the construction of university residences, public interest facilities The government itself has defined it as a priority with the creation of the PNAES ”.

He also asks what is the balance of the executive of the PNAES and what is the alternative that “the government will present to resolve definitively, and not temporarily, the problem of accommodation of students of higher education”.

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