Pedro Nuno Santos says the party that decides the PS candidate is the party and not the government | Presidential

The Minister of Infrastructure defended on Wednesday that whoever chooses the candidate that the PS will support in the presidential elections is the party and not the government or the ministers.

“Who decides the support of the PS, it is the organs of the party. Goal. It is not the government, it is not a member of the government, it is really the Socialist Party that decides who supports or stops supporting, ”said Pedro Nuno Santos, in statements to journalists, not hiding that he was responding directly to recent statements by Augusto Santos Silva.

“I had said that, in the exercise of my ministerial duties, I would not comment on the presidential elections, but I do not want to be the only one and, just as my comrade Augusto Santos Silva felt this need, I wanted just say five things about it, ”he began to have said the former head of the Federation of the Aveiro district of the PS.

Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva said in an interview with TVI on Monday that Ana Gomes was not a good candidate for the PS, revealing an inclination to support the current president Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

Although he has yet to say he will support Ana Gomes’ candidacy – leaving this confirmation for the PS National Commission meeting scheduled for October 24 – Pedro Nuno Santos has defended Socialist support for the former European deputy.

“People do not serve the PS to do some things from time to time – to be MEPs, candidates for the city council, members of the national secretariat – and then, at any moment, to be vilified because it does not work “, criticized.

For the minister, the militants of the PS do not accept the devaluation of the presidential candidates nor do they forget the socialist ideals. “I am a socialist and I believe that the socialists should not be confused. The presidential elections are a very important moment in the life of Portuguese democracy, they are not just any moment. They are one of the most important moments, we are talking about the most important figure of the Portuguese State. And we are socialists, we have a certain vision of the world, of society and of the country, and I hope that no socialist will be confused, ”he also defended.

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Pedro Nuno Santos also argued that the PS have no obligation to support Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. “Not supporting an interim President of the Republic does not mean contempt, lack of respect, disloyalty. We live in a mature democracy and that was exactly what politicians needed to get mad at each other for not having the support of such and such. Democracy is like that.

Still without mentioning the name, the minister highlighted the courage of Ana Gomes and her fight against corruption. “We cannot confuse extremism with courage. Extremism is one thing, the courage to say it as it is, to face it is another. Here, I like people, men or women, who have courage and who are never wrong about who they should be with. With people, workers, families. “

In conclusion, Pedro Nuno Santos acknowledged that the statements he made in Sines “are not misleading” about his support and voting power in the presidential elections.

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