Madrid. Seven rules not followed in the fight against the virus – Observer

On the other hand, there are gardens closed by the police whose gangs have been raped and which are frequented as if there were no restrictions. In addition, the use of a mask is mandatory on the street, but it is possible to take it off for smoking or drinking and eating in cafes and bars – of which the 50% capacity defined by these new rules is also often not respected.

The president of the Madrid region, Isabel Dias Ayuso, however insists that these measures are sufficient – even more with the help of 7,500 soldiers, asked the central government for health tasks and to support the national police in the control of citizens. To this reinforcement, he calls on everyone to respect the rules, because a new total lock-up would “ruin” the economy already shaken by the pandemic. The strategy, as he has explained in recent days, is to “quarantine those infected and inform their families”. The problem, however, is that many of these contagion outbreaks are in the poorest neighborhoods, in small homes where a very large household lives and is unable to contain or maintain quarantine without contacts.

For the Minister of Health, however, and given all this, if action is not taken in the Madrid community, other areas could be seriously affected. For this reason, he argues, consumption in bars should be banned throughout the Madrid community, the capacity of terraces should be halved and travel should be limited to only what is necessary. Only then would it be possible to see the streets of Madrid more relieved and less focused. “We must act now, otherwise it will be worse”, he justifies.

In the 45 zones where the rules have been tightened for a week (and for a period of fifteen days), the capacity of each commercial space must be at 50% of its capacity and the doors must close at 10 p.m., excluding pharmacies, centers medical, veterinary and gas stations.

This means convenience stores can stay open until later, and people can go out and buy anything from alcohol, tobacco, or even food. For cafe and restaurant owners, quarantined for two months, many of whom are made redundant, this measure does not make sense, as it allows people to source their supplies elsewhere, leaving cafes and bars at the mercy of more hours. hard.

On the other hand, before closing time, it is common to see certain establishments, such as hairdressers, and even cafes, full of customers, breaking the storage rule.

As soon as the regional government announced that the parks and gardens in these areas – defined geographically according to the areas of the health centers – were to be closed to prevent the spread of the new coranavirus, the police blocked the entrances and sealed the banks and the conviviality (or game) zones so that people do not concentrate there. But, in many of them, the tapes have been cut and people frequent the area with the same normality as before, or rather, trying the normality of before, but wearing a mask – the use of which in Madrid is compulsory on all public roads.

There are those who even join groups to talk or even drink alcohol (although the ban on drinking on the streets is a rule that is still old and has been maintained since almost the start of the pandemic).

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