German-Polish Relations: “Hedwig von Schlesien” Prize for Christoph von Marschall – Politics

The city and university of Breslau, as well as the Silesian Salon, awarded Christoph von Marschall, the diplomatic correspondent of the editor-in-chief of the Tagesspiegel, the “Prize Princess Hedwig of Silesia” for his contribution to the German-Polish understanding.

The prize will be presented during the opening of the university’s academic year on October 1. It honors a German and a Polish personality who “have been committed to deepening peaceful German-Polish relations for years”. The Polish co-winner of 2020 is the old mayor of Wroclaw, Rafal Dutkiewicz.

Von Marschall studied in Cracow in 1983/84 and obtained his doctorate in Polish history. Since 1991 he reports in the Tagesspiegel on politics, economy, history, culture and society in Poland, bilateral relations and Polish life in Berlin.

In the conflicts between the nationally conservative PiS government with the EU and with Germany over migration, energy policy and other issues, he tries to make Polish positions understandable to Germans.

Previous winners include government leaders such as Helmut Kohl, Tadeusz Mazowiecki and Jerzy Buzek, political figures such as Rita Süssmuth, Wladyslaw Bartoszewski and Bishop Alfons Nossol, scientists such as Gesine Schwan, Karl Dedecius and Norman Davies, and artists such as Kurt and Tadeusz Rozewicz.

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