Covid19. Surveillance will tighten after full beds in Maputo – Observe

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Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi said on Wednesday that all the beds prepared for the intensive care of Covid-19 in Maputo are already occupied, warning that the authorities will “tighten” in the control of preventive measures for the new coronavirus.

The bed occupancy rate in the city of Maputo has tripled in the past three weeks and all intensive care beds are occupied, ”said Filipe Nyusi.

The daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health indicates that there are 49 people hospitalized in Maputo because of Covid-19, without specifying in which units – in the rest of the country, there is only one hospitalization, at Nampula.

Nyusi expressed concern about the increase in the number of infections with the novel coronavirus, mainly in Maputo, in a speech outside of the speech he gave this Wednesday at the launch of the auction for the licensing of projects renewable energy.

Here in Maputo, where we have more capacity than in the rest of the country, all the beds that had been prepared are occupied, ”he said.

Faced with this situation, new cases of Covid-19 disease will not be able to be referred to Maputo hospital or receive assistance with a ventilator used for assisted breathing in the event of disease by the new coronavirus, has t -he adds.

The Mozambican head of state criticized the contempt for the preventive measures of Covid-19, affirming that the authorities will be strict in controlling the behavior of the populations in the face of the pandemic.

When we decided to relax or suspect, people thought the illness was over. It’s not over and it kills. In light of what we saw at the end of last week, we will, from today, strengthen inspection and accountability measures ”, he warned.

Filipe Nyusi warned of the danger of comparisons between the number of infections and deaths in Mozambique with those in southern Africa and other regions of the world, arguing that the relatively lower case fatality rate in the country should not be a reason for relaxation.

The Mozambican head of state notably criticized the behavior of bathers on the beaches, criticizing the lack of wearing a mask and the lack of social distance.

Filipe Nyusi again threatened to close the beaches, adding that he had received “advice on this subject”, but preferred to rely on “prevention awareness by Mozambicans”. Nyusi also stressed that the use of a mask should not be the subject of negotiation at public gatherings, mainly on public transport and in markets.

Mozambique has a cumulative total of 8,728 Covid-19 cases and 61 deaths.

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