Spain confiscates 35 tonnes of hashish hidden in luxury sailboats – Observe

Spanish police have confiscated 35 tonnes of hash from four luxury sailboats used by traffickers from Eastern Europe, authorities in the country on the island of Grand Canaria revealed on Wednesday.

According to information provided, this is the “biggest operation in history” against this type of drug trafficking carried out at sea, with 11 people – nine Bulgarian citizens and two Russians – detained on ships estimated at five million. euros. . On the other hand, the market value of the drugs seized was also estimated at 60 million euros.

Agents involved in the operation believed their work confirms that hash-trafficking mafias are opening new routes around the Canary Islands and Africa, as well as along the Portuguese coast near Galicia.

The new routes would be a response to the pressure that the Spanish security forces have exerted in recent years against the trafficking of this type of substance in the Campo de Gibraltar and are narrowed by the same name, in the south of the country, traditional places where this type contraband.

The maritime operation known as Goleta-Gratil took place from September 24 to 28 and involved four patrol boats, a helicopter and a customs surveillance plane, for a Spanish navy vessel, and was made possible after several months of investigations carried out by customs authorities and the national police.

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