After chaos in TV duel: Biden describes Trump’s actions as a “disgrace to the country” – politics

US presidential candidate Joe Biden has described the incumbent Donald Trump’s performance in the TV duel between the two opponents as a “disgrace to the country.” Trump tried everything to distract for 90 minutes, Biden told journalists from Alliance in Ohio, USA on Wednesday.

The Republican had interrupted Biden during the debate on Tuesday evening (local time) and attacked him personally. “Trump has no plan, no ideas,” said Biden. When asked what he said to undecided voters who had seen the debate and were fed up with politics, the Democrat said, “I can understand.”

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump declared himself the winner of the first presidential election debate. “We easily won the debate last night,” the Republican said in the garden of the White House on Wednesday.

When he looked at Biden, Trump said, “I think he was very weak. He looked weak, whimpered. Trump said he would also deny the next two TV debates against Biden. If his challenger doesn’t want to participate, that’s his decision.

Trump said he saw “about six” polls that saw him as the winner of the debate. It was unclear which studies he was referring to. In some Twitter polls – which are considered unreliable without scientific basis – Trump has led the way. However, in lightning polls by broadcasters CBS and CNN, a majority found that Biden was more successful in the debate than Trump.

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Meanwhile, after the chaotic TV debate, the organizers are planning changes to the concept. The course of the game made it clear that “the shape of the remaining debates needs additional structure to ensure a more regulated discussion of the issues,” the Presidential Debate Committee said Wednesday.

Sees himself winner of the TV debate: Donald Trump Photo: imago images / UPI Photo

The first fight between Trump and Biden on Wednesday night had long been sunk in chaos. Trump kept interrupting Biden and didn’t let him finish his sentences. Biden also spoke in between, but a little less often. As a presenter, veteran TV journalist Chris Wallace repeatedly lost control of the situation – and could only urge the candidates to let each other speak.

[Viele Kollegen haben das erste TV-Duell zwischen Joe Biden und Donald Trump mit Spannung verfolgt. Die Frage “Wer hat gewonnen?” beantworten sie ganz unterschiedlich. Lesen Sie hier einen Kommentar von Malte Lehming, der klar Joe Biden als Sieger des Abends sieht.]

Under the concept of the debate, six topics should have been discussed in blocks of 15 minutes. First, Trump and Biden had to put forward their position undisturbed for two minutes, after which a free interview was scheduled. But even at the opening statements there were interruptions and the candidates sometimes spoke simultaneously. In addition, they often deviated from the topic just mentioned, such as the corona crisis or the economic situation.

The second of three debates between Trump and Biden is scheduled for October 15, local time (03:00 CEST on Wednesday). It’s planned in a different format than the first anyway – as Question Time for voters. As things stand, the third debate has been rescheduled as a 90-minute speech duel with a moderator. Vice President Mike Pence and Biden’s Vice Candidate Kamala Harris will meet on October 7. (dpa, teaspoon)

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