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The elderly and homes

Reader Manuel Vaz de Almeida addresses the problem of the elderly, in his letter of the 10th of the current, now aggravated by covid-19. You are absolutely right, but forgetting the exceptions. I know a 94 year old ‘old man’, although in good health but somewhat weakened by age, widowed for 31 years, father of five children, nine grandchildren and six great grandchildren, living alone in the house where he has lived for 68 years, but being accompanied and cherished daily by the family. This may be an exception, but certainly, in this selfish world we live in, there will be more cases. We must consider that it is often not the lack of love, but the means and the conditions of subsistence, of the family. (…)

Carlos Leal, Lisbon

Boris the irresponsible

How is it possible that a Prime Minister of a country has decided not to respect part of an agreement which he himself signed and which concerns the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union? Where is the honor of such a person? There is no doubt that, unfortunately, even in countries with deeply democratic traditions, populists are emerging who sacrifice everything in their own name. Would anyone in the past admit that such a default scenario would be possible with the UK? I’m sure that it’s not the case. It has been proven that Boris Johnson is not, in fact, a person to be trusted.

Manuel Morato Gomes, Senhora da Hora

The disasters of João Miguel Tavares

João Miguel Tavares, the almost funny agent, has returned from vacation. And to revive (as calmly as possible) the sacred company of opposition in favor of neoliberalism (in a seated position), nothing better than to come back to a subject that he knows well and does not pose a lot of problem to him (because, after all, he always repeats the same things): the PCP. He says Avante! it was a “disaster” because there were few people. It was a financial and media failure. Brutal. As for the financier, I don’t know; but “media disaster”?

I imagine that JMT went on vacation to Mars, without internet and without television. It’s just that I don’t really remember a year when there was so much talk about the Festa do Avante! like that. (…) But let’s face it: we had to organize a “disaster” for the PCP, right? If by any chance there had been a very high turnout at the party, then JMT would immediately say it was a health disaster! Clear…

Alípio JM Soeiro, Lisbon

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Always and always Vicente

Without questioning the scholarly, wise and naturally sincere “post mortem” opinions on Vicente Jorge Silva (VJS), I understand that the culmination of his civic and journalistic intervention is at the Comércio do Funchal (CF). I remember my time as a student when the pink diary was eagerly searched. It was in the midst of autocratic censorship, but the VJS-led CF managed to tackle it by trying to convey the troublesome news to the regime, with mastery, tact and intelligence. It was the VJS in the fullness of its democratic courage. It is the image that remains.

António Bernardo Colaço, Lisbon

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