US Fight Against Coronavirus: Trump Compares Himself to Churchill – Politics

US President Donald Trump has drawn a parallel between his reconciliations in the corona pandemic and the behavior of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during World War II. “When Hitler bombed London, Churchill, a great leader, often went to a rooftop in London and spoke,” Trump said Thursday night (local time) at an election rally in Freeland, Michigan.

And he always spoke with serenity. He said we should be calm. No, we did a good job and we did a job like no other. “

Trump came under pressure nearly two months before the US elections for saying in interviews with investigative journalist Bob Woodward in March that he had deliberately downplayed the danger posed by the virus. Corresponding passages and tape recordings were published by the American media on Wednesday. Trump then said in defense that he did not want to panic.

Trump on Thursday referred to the London government’s advice to the British in World War II: “Keep calm and carry on” (something like: keep calm and carry on). “That’s what I did.” Churchill is said to have watched the Nazi bombing of London from a rooftop, but made no speeches. In June 1945 – after the end of the war – he spoke on a canopy during the election campaign, as captured in photos.

At a press conference at the White House on Thursday, Trump denied lying to Americans about the danger of the coronavirus. When asked by a reporter, he called it “a shame”. “I didn’t lie,” Trump said. “I said we should stay calm, we shouldn’t panic.”

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Trump’s challenger in the White House race, Democrat Joe Biden, accused the Republican on Wednesday of lying to the American people and responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of American citizens.

Trump argued Thursday that if Woodward thought his statements were problematic, he should have come out with it immediately rather than waiting months. In Freeland, he called Pulitzer Prize winner Woodward a “nut” in front of cheering supporters.

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Once again, he praised his administration’s crisis management, which has been negatively rating a majority of Americans in polls for months. Trump said, “I think we’ve probably done the best job of any country on the pandemic, especially any major country in the world.”

In the White House, Trump presented the situation in the US during the corona pandemic as better than in Europe. “Now if you look at the European Union, they have outbreaks like you’ve never seen them before and frankly their numbers are at a much lower level than here,” he said. He cited Italy, France and Spain as examples. Although the number of infections there has increased again, they are still at a high level in the US.

Trump was nonetheless confident that the US would soon overcome the crisis. He ruled out a new closure. He accused his opponent in the November 3 election, Joe Biden, of using the pandemic for political purposes. (dpa)

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