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When asked to decide among themselves who performed the worst, Nishant, Sara and Jaan took Rubina’s name but she refused to accept that. During the judgment time, Bigg Boss announced that except Rubina, all other rejected contestants can now live in the house. On the third day, an opportunity to get their preferred essentials led to a fight between Rubina and Jasmin. Rubina wanted to have a pair of slippers but Jasmin said she can’t compromise with her makeup kit. The fight grew between other contestants also, including Sara Gurpal and Nikki

Rahul is doing push-ups. Pavitra comes there and sits on his back. She says now do the push-up. All cheer for him but he falls down. Gauhar comes there and says you had to ask for my permission before going to the gym? Rahul says I forgot. Gauhar says there are rules here, if you don’t follow then there will be consequences. Does Jasmin ask if she can use the gym? Gauhar says sure. Rubina tells Gauhar that I just need my yoga mat.

Gauhar tells the camera that we have to show authority for fun. We have to keep them under control.

Hina makes Rubina sit down. Gauhar says you have to eat these chilies in 1 minute. She agrees and starts eating chilies. All look on. Rubina is trying to control herself and keeps eating. Hina counts for her but she vomits and can’t do the task. They bring juice for her as she spits it out. Hina says there were many chilies, it was impossible. All clap for Rubina. Sid says it was not a lot. He tells Gauhar that people have eaten salt and oil in my season. They have done a lot in my season. Gauhar says this was tough.

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.Tells, everyone, that the ‘Entry Pass’ task has ended. He says it’s time for the decision, our rejected inmates will take this decision. He tells the rejected freshers that you all tried to complete the tasks. You all should mutually decide about who should go inside the house.

Jaan tells Rubina that you can’t stay alone outside. Rubina says it’s an individual game. Nishant says I will stay with Rubina, she is my friend. Jaan says leave it Nishant, don’t take it personally. Nishant says we will all play individually so let me play mine. He says we all say arguments for ourselves, it’s not nominations, it’s about who will remain rejected and who get selected in the house. I am taking my decision. Jaan says we have to mutually decide.

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