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Eyelash extensions have an inherent capacity to expand and open portals to our souls without much focus

Eyelash extensions have an inherent capacity to expand and open portals to our souls without much focus. What normally takes two hours, lying patiently in a professional technician’s chair, eyelash growth serum diy is worth it for a fanned-out, fluffy fringe of lashes that will last for weeks.

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For those of us who are ardent eyelash extension wearers, it’s fair to assume that we’re more than happy to be reunited with our favorite technicians. And the rest of the world appears to be the same – after re-opening their salon doors on 4 May, Spain’s highest booked treatment was eyelash extensions taking 49 per cent of bookings. Over on google, searches for ‘eyelash extensions’ have seen a 76 percent increase, showing that all of us want to get into the falsies.

Of course, it’s not an easy treatment for DIY, and definitely one that’s better left to the experts – but there are temporary solutions out there that will strengthen our lashes to give them that bulky, full finish. We spoke to New Lashes Designers, Zoe Peplow and Debbie Law about all their top tips and tricks.

Strip lashes are an simple, natural mask recipes efficient way to lengthen and thicken lashes without touching the mascara wand. Retailer John Lewis has seen a 233 per cent spike in sales of false eyelashes over the past few weeks. And we’re not surprised by all. The wide range of options available-length, shape , color and fullness-is amazing. If you prefer a normal, subtle look or a full fringe of sooty black lashes – there’s a strip lash out there for everyone.

Before applying your eyelashes, check the fit of the strip,’ Peplow advises, ‘if it is too long, trim the outer edge.’ Next up, ‘apply a small amount of adhesive around the vein of the strip. Enable 30 seconds to be ‘tacky.’ This will really help when you apply false eyelashes-if the glue is still wet, the strip lash will slip everywhere.

When applying false eyelashes, use tweezers or fingers and look down at the mirror rather than straight ahead. ‘You’re going to be able to see exactly where you need to position the strip, and the tweezers are going to help with precision,’ says Peplow. ‘Put the lash in the middle of your upper eyelid, then work out to the corner of your eye.’

You may also opt for individual lashes for a more personal finish. Available to purchase from a variety of online retailers (see our favorites below), these tiny clusters of false lashes can be dotted along your lash line to add thickness and length where you want to. About diy eyelash serum You will usually find a mixture of lengths within a package so that you can create a range of looks – from natural and wispy to complete and thick. You need a good quality pair of fine-tip tweezers to successfully apply “cluster/party” lashes,’ says Debbie Law. ‘This will help you extract them from the tray and help with the precise application. First adhere to the outer corners and do not bind to the skin of the eyelid-stay about 0.5mm away from the lash-line.’

‘Add length to the central region of the eye, around the width of the iris, minimizing length to every eye shape, as you work towards the inner and outer corners. Use a latex-free strip of lash glue to apply it, as this form of adhesive keeps the lashes in place all day long (sometimes longer) and is remarkably easy to remove with minimal risk of pulling off your natural lashes.’

Look, I’ve always had a pretty thorough bedtime routine that involves double cleaning and flossing, so before I take another step in that process (and it’s a process, let’s say ya), I need to know for sure that it’s worth my time. So I turned to Ilyse Haberman, MD, an ophthalmologist at NYU Langone Health, to give me the downside to add castor oil to your eyelashes.

Let’s cut the good stuff: does the castor oil work or doesn’t it? “Castor oil moisturizes the eyelashes and can make them look longer and brighter,” explains Dr. Haberman. “It’s also likely that it can help prevent lash breakage which, in turn , can lead to a healthier development.” Buuuut castor oil isn’t going to change your life.

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