UNITED STATES. The Commission will take action to ‘maintain order’ in the upcoming debates – Observer

The Presidential Debate Commission of the United States of America announced on Wednesday that it will change the structure of the debates. The aim is to “maintain order” in the years to come.

Yesterday’s debate [terça-feira] showed that more structure was needed in the format of the remaining debates to ensure an orderly discussion of the topics, ”he said in a statement.

The committee responsible for all presidential debates since 1988 says it is “carefully considering the changes to be adopted” and will announce the new rules soon.

The move comes a day after Donald Trump and Joe Biden premiered in Cleveland for the November election – during the debate, the Republican candidate repeatedly interrupted his opponent.

Amid screams and insults, neither Trump nor Biden could think

The White House candidates will face each other again on October 15 in Miami and a week later, on October 22, in Nashville.

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