Show for the future: After the budget debate, it’s easy to speculate – politics

Sometimes she still surprises you, Angela Merkel, the long-term chancellor. In the budget debate, she gets really passionate about the next budget, presumably the last one for which she is responsible. That was when it came to Covid-19 and what we could all expect when fall really kicked off.

Merkel certainly does not want to be the one who trivializes the subject in the fall of her chancellor. You could say it is better to warn too much than too little, but not, because Merkel, a scientist herself, trusts the scientists, and the majority of them warn.

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That is why the Chancellor seeks understanding for the renewed limitations in daily life. And it is not that she was not echoed, partly positive, partly different: the left-wing party leader Dietmar Bartsch does not think everything that the Christian Democrat Merkel asks or does is unreasonable. But he also warns you and your colleagues a little: namely against restrictions on fundamental rights where these are not mandatory, and against parliamentary deprivation of power.

Left notes of the FDP

The same could have been said by an FDP grandee, from Gerhart Baum, the ex-Home Secretary, to Wolfgang Kubicki, the Bundestag’s vice president. And group chairman Christian Linder. That was also mentioned in his speech. You could say that the Liberal Party rarely sounds so leftist.

Where it is not really left anymore. In North Rhine-Westphalia, where the FDP rules with Armin Laschet’s CDU – precisely with the one hoping for Merkel’s successor – the rule is that any restriction of constitutional rights must be justified again in parliament after a few months. if it must continue. It’s as liberal as it is conservative as it is on the left.

That, in turn, as they say in modern German, is compatible with a wide variety of parties. Which reminds us that in some places, in other words locally, the CDU already works pretty well with links; and that the FDP is not always afraid of contact. Now that does not mean that in the fall of 2021, after the federal elections, the CDU will join forces with the Left Party. But it is said that the left is not always as left as its opponents lead us to believe.

This opens up unimaginable coalition possibilities; if you would want to. Great Christian Democrats have already said that unity will be achieved if the left is also discussed as a coalition partner. Yes, it is too early to speculate on such a thing after 30 years of German unity, and it is risky too. For the other Reds, the SPD, for the Greens and even for the FDP, the risk is smaller. They also have less to lose than the CDU. Especially if Angela Merkel has lost.

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