EPAL celebrates water day with a Bordallo Pinheiro pitcher | House

EPAL is celebrating National Water Day this Thursday with the launch of a jug by the earthenware company Bordallo Pinheiro. Named Gota, this piece is the result of a partnership between the two companies which they called “If you want water to take”, inspired by Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro, author of the popular performance of Zé Povinho.

The turquoise blue pitcher with handle is shaped like a drop of water and is also inspired by the Bordallo Pinheiro universe in the colors and reliefs that characterize this brand so much. The piece also refers to the old pots that were used in the old bedroom sinks.

“In the case of a table jug, with the diversity and richness of all these aesthetic details, the idea that EPAL water is present in all moments of life and of the family is implicit”, explains the Lisbon water company in a press release, recalling that tap water is the “most sustainable and ecological” option.

The pitcher can be purchased at the EPAL Water Museum, at Mãe d’Água das Amoreiras and at EPAL stores in Lisbon. It costs 60 euros.

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