Abandoned primary schools will be local housing in Proença-a-Nova | Proenca-a-Nova

As has already happened over the years in various parts of the country, the Câmara de Proença-a-Nova, in the district of Castelo Branco, will transform four old abandoned primary schools into local housing.

The buildings, the municipality said in a statement, are “currently abandoned” after “for decades, having accommodated hundreds of children at the beginning of their schooling”.

The schools of Vale da Ursa, Fúmeas, Vergão and Corgas will thus gain a new life and become a tourist asset.

We went back to school … for a vacation

The objective is to increase and boost the offer in the town and, by enhancing the buildings, the school is expected to reopen the doors to receive people.

“This initiative is part of the town’s urban rehabilitation strategy, which intends to intervene, in this specific case, in emblematic buildings in villages, taking into account the abandonment processes on which they vote and helping to reverse these scenarios and foster new life in the villages. villages with the expected arrival of tourists, ”reads the note.

The Municipality of Proença-a-Nova emphasizes that a reorganization and adaptation will be made so that the functioning of the buildings contributes to welcoming tourists visiting the municipality, and will have the capacity to accommodate two families.

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In addition to the interiors, the exterior will also be transformed with the construction of a swimming pool.

The Vale da Ursa Primary School will be the first to be operated and the requalification project has already been carried out by the Municipality of Proença-a-Nova.

In many other villages, the old primary schools have intervened and transformed into headquarters of local associations, welcoming their initiatives.

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