Without Rui Pinto’s Help, PJ Didn’t Expect “Major Breakthroughs” in Investigations | Football leaks

Rui Pinto’s collaboration with the judicial police (PJ) did not end with the decryption of hard drives, an act that allowed, for the first time, the Portuguese authorities to analyze the wealth of information held by the hacker. . The assistance of the author of Football Leaks is still necessary in the investigations which will result from the data collected, as was stated in the request for the total release of the whistleblower. This collaboration, which will continue over time, was confirmed by José Amador, inspector of the PJ, who was heard this Friday morning as part of the process in which Rui Pinto is accused of 90 crimes.

However, the details of this long-term collaboration have not been specified. Luísa Teixeira da Mota, the lawyer for the whistleblower, questioned José Amador if the assistance provided was limited to opening cases. “We can go further,” he replied.

The main reason for the delay in this collaboration was related to the incriminating factor: Rui Pinto was concerned that when he shared the information, any computer crimes he might commit could be added to the process. “I remember that there had been on the part of the doctors [defesa de Rui Pinto] the collaboration proposal. I think the obstacle was that there was no guarantee that the information would not be used to incriminate the accused. The key points of the conversations have always been on this subject, the existence of a safeguard clause ”, recalled José Amador, referring in particular to the first interrogations made to Rui Pinto.

I lived “very badly”

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But could the disks be opened without the help of the hacker? “We could be here for another century. I would not be sure that, in my lifetime, there were advances, ”concluded José Amador, who also questioned the real source of income of Gaiense, 31 years old. The inspector had already revealed, in a previous session, that he had found documents on books and auctions on Rui Pinto’s electronic device. The whistleblower has always claimed that he managed to survive in Hungary with an antique and online auction business. Despite the doubt, José Amador specifies that no suspicion has been detected indicating illegal activities.

“Reference was made to values ​​linked to bids and acquisitions in auctions. We still converted the florindos into euros, but they weren’t expressive values ​​anyway. Very very modest. If that was the defendant’s source of income, he must have lived very badly. I’m talking about what was there, it could be just a part, ”he explained, later specifying, at the request of Luísa Teixeira da Mota, that Rui Pinto’s lifestyle in Budapest was not exuberant. On the contrary. “[O local onde vivia] it wasn’t exactly the nicest part of Budapest. This neighborhood had less recommended areas, ”he concluded.

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