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After presenting the new equipment of the selection by the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), in September, in time to be used at the 2021 European Championship, fans don’t seem to have liked the choice, especially of the alternative equipment.

In 2004, when Portugal hosted the European Championship and the national team reached the final against Greece, failing to win the big one-goal trophy, players wore red shirts and green shorts. Today, 16 years later, these same colors are again present in the main equipment.

As for this choice, fans have nothing to report except the two buttons on the shirt collar. This detail makes it look like a polo shirt, instead of a sports jersey. Comments on social media did not stay long after the official photographs were published by the FPF, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Jéssica Silva as ambassadors. Internet users say that the jersey can be used in a game, as well as for a party or other type of event.

The main jersey of the football or golf team?

– André Miguel (@andreeemiguel) September 1, 2020

The jersey I had the ball … It is used to play football, to be elegant at a party … But the shirt II was not good! ?????

– Avelino Bruno (@avelinobruno) September 1, 2020

The alternative equipment, which with a light turquoise background has green, red and black horizontal stripes, did not like. It is a design never seen before in equipment of the Portuguese team, which over the years has been mainly based on red tones. Another big criticism that is accompanied by those made to the end result of the equipment is its value. The shirt, shorts and socks set reaches 140 euros in the official store.

This alternative is perhaps one of the ugliest I have ever seen ???????

– Márcio Quarentino (@MarcioFMCouto) September 1, 2020

Alternative “sell more”

Contacted by PÚBLICO, the Portuguese Football Federation states that “most of the reactions on social media are overwhelmingly positive” and that “the day of the launch of the new equipment was the best sales day at the Portugal Store” since the store has existed . He also adds that the number of sales of this equipment was “significantly higher than in 2018 compared to the same period of the previous year” and underlines that “internationally, the alternative is selling more”.

As a “barometer” to assess the feedback from Internet users, they analyzed the publication made on the FPF Facebook page with the announcement of the new equipment and the respective interaction of Internet users – composed of “reactions, comments and shares”. Thus, in 11 thousand reactions to the post, 9600 were likes, 1600 are “hearts” and 36 are divided between “surprising”, “sadness” and “irritation”.

Comments, says Luís Sobral, deputy director general, “are only one variable of reaction to content and do not tell the whole story”. “There is a lot more acceptance than rejection and this is also reflected in the sales of the new kits, where the primary and the alternative have been real sales champions.”

For Carlos Coelho, specialist in brands and marketing, “alternative equipment is exactly what it intends to be and from the point of view of commercial novelty, it has much more interest which is different”, in order to attract customer attention. Sales pressure is a factor that the specialist highlights as the justification for choosing a design that was unknown in the national team. However, “I would say that I gained more by having more solid, more consolidated, more timeless equipment.”

Sui generis equipment

This is not the first time that fans have expressed their dislike of football equipment. In July, Benfica (SLB) released the shirts for the 2020/21 season and the comments that followed also took a negative toll. The main reason is the monochrome colors used in the club symbol – gold and black in the official and gray and black in the alternative – which normally uses red and white in the eagle symbol. Sports commentator Pedro Adão e Silva took to Twitter to call the new jerseys an “aberration”.

Will Benfica’s next management be able to reverse this aberration?

– pedro adão e silva (@padaoesilva) July 30, 2020

On the other side of the borders, there are supporters of other clubs who complain about the same evil as the Portuguese. Inter Milan have lost the typical vertical stripes and the alternative equipment is marked by a white background crossed by blue and black stripes that form large squares. In the case of Manchester City, the particular pattern in light blue tones is unprecedented. German Hertha Berlin and the Japanese team reveal similar colors and shapes, in a kind of abstract painting. Chelsea FC, on the other hand, looks very comfortable to walk around the house.

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All this gear from the 2020/21 season has been criticized by many fans, who admit that they don’t like the new image of their clubs and claim that they will not buy the parts, which are already on sale in stores. officials.

Text edited by Bárbara Wong

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