Loures fears that lack of human resources could jeopardize health care | Cheers

The mayor of Loures, Bernardino Soares (CDU), warned this Thursday against the lack of human resources in health centers and the Beatriz Ângelo hospital, pointing to some constraints in access to health care.

Speaking to the Lusa agency, the mayor of Loures, in the district of Lisbon, criticized the fact that the government had not honored its commitment to strengthen the public health service and to make competitions for doctors and unattractive nurses.

“In the last few months there has been a set of commitments for more hires and for the moment the balance we have is that when it comes to doctors, the vacancies are lower than those who had been requested by ACES (Group of health centers) and not yet there has been no entry from a doctor ”, he stressed.

Regarding nurses, Bernardino Soares said that the entry “has been residual”, stressing that these professionals “are essential to carry out home visits and to provide home support”.

“This is due, certainly, to the fact that the tenders launched by the Ministry of Health have very weak conditions. These are offers for four months of contract and a net salary of less than a thousand euros. It’s not really appealing to most nursing professionals, ”he said.

In this sense, Bernardino Soares underlined that this “lack of human resources” in the field of Health calls into question the response to situations of covid-19 and access to medical care for those who suffer from other pathologies.

“Winter is here, the covid continues to rise, other winter pathologies will continue to appear and resources are not prepared for this situation”, he summarized.

Bernardino Soares also warned of the congestion of the Beatriz Ângelo hospital, which serves the municipalities of Loures, Odivelas, Mafra and Sobral de Monte Agraço, and defended the need for greater regional articulation.

“The Beatriz Ângelo hospital has a lot more hospitalizations than other hospitals in the area and this means that it is more difficult to treat covid patients here in the area and also takes resources from the rest of the business. ‘hospital, penalizing the population, “he warned.

Another of the alerts issued by the Communist mayor was linked to the expected access to influenza vaccine in pharmacies, considering that this corresponds to “a decline compared to recent years”.

“In our municipality, this will remain for a third of the values ​​that we usually have in this vaccination and, therefore, what we have with this proposal, in which the government, in addition to providing the vaccines, does not put money , this is a step back from what we had in previous years and we consider that unacceptable, ”he said.

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The National Health Service’s vaccination campaign, which usually begins on October 15, starts earlier this year with a first phase for which 350,000 vaccines are available.

Residents of nursing homes, health professionals, professionals from the social sector who provide care and pregnant women are among the most vulnerable sectors and will be the first to be able to be vaccinated.

In the second phase, which will start on October 19, other risk groups are included: people aged 65 and over and people with chronic diseases.

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