Unemployment in Italy reaches 9.7% in August – Observer

In the context of the current pandemic, the unemployment rate in Italy was 9.7% in August, 0.1 percentage point lower than in July and 0.3 percentage point higher than in the same month of 2019, was announced this Thursday.

According to provisional data released this Thursday by the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat), the unemployment rate for young people aged 15 to 24 rose in August to 32.1%, 0.3 points higher than the month previous.

In these preliminary data, Istat noted that the employment growth already recorded in July continued in August as the number of people seeking employment continued to decline, as did the number of people inactive.

The employment increase in August was 83,000 people and the employment rate rose to 58.1%, 0.2 percentage points higher than the previous month. There is also a decrease in inactive people (65,000) and the inactivity rate is 35.5%, 0.1 point more than in July. During the period from June to August, the level of employment fell by 0.2% compared to the period from March to May. In contrast, between June and August, there was a 20.6% increase in the number of people looking for work to reach a total of 417,000 and a 2.7% decrease in the number of inactive people between 15 and 64 years old, which corresponds to 386,000 people.

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