Vacation Abroad Despite Corona ?: There are currently no travel restrictions for these ten countries – politics

The news that the federal State Department has lifted the global travel warning for countries outside of Europe should make quite a few people stand up and pay attention. Is it possible to travel to popular German holiday destinations such as Egypt or Turkey again in October, despite the corona pandemic?

The answer is no. Because the global travel alert has been replaced with individual notices. The Federal Foreign Office still warns – at least in part – against travel to 183 of the 193 states belonging to the United Nations (UN) because of the corona pandemic, or advises against traveling to these states. Georgia is the only country that does not belong exclusively to Europe and is not discouraged from entering.

The reason much of the travel warnings are being enforced is “the spread of Covid-19 and the associated restrictions in international air and travel, as well as its adverse effects on public life,” the Federal Foreign Office writes.

These restrictions are so great in the 183 states that the federal government cannot take responsibility for entry. Not all other ten countries, where there are no major restrictions on travelers from Germany, do not need to be tested and quarantined after the return journey.

It is not recommended to travel to these states:

Georgia Greece Italy Liechtenstein Malta Monaco Poland San Marino Sweden Slovakia Slovakia

The state in which there are no travel restrictions, but a testing and quarantine obligation in Germany, is Monaco. The reason is simple: there is a travel warning for the surrounding region of Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur due to the high number of infections in France. While traveling to Monaco is not discouraged, according to the State Department, the risk is high enough to be safe when you return.

In addition to Monaco, there are two other special cases among the states for which there are no travel restrictions – and for which there really is no obligation to test and quarantine after returning to a German state: Great Britain and the Vatican.

The Vatican State is an exception to this because it is the only country in the world that does not belong to the UN states and is nevertheless not advised against or warned against entry.

The UK is an exception as entire parts of the country are exempt from travel restrictions. Because although warnings have been issued since Wednesday against travel to Northern Ireland and Wales, such provisions do not apply to England and Scotland – and thus no obligation to test or quarantine after returning to Germany.

However, it is nothing new that there is a warning not to travel to individual regions of a country. Take the Netherlands, for example, where three provinces only warn against ‘unnecessary, tourist trips’. So there is only a partial travel warning.

However, other states are anticipating the federal State Department: Libya, for example, closed its borders in March. Entry is only possible for Libyan citizens.

The Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs then warns against traveling because of Corona if the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has declared the affected country a risk area due to the high number of infections. This means that the chance of contracting the virus in this country is particularly high.

If there are travel restrictions, for example due to national quarantine regulations, the Federal State Department only advises against traveling to such countries – this does not have the same seriousness as a travel warning. Precisely because of the travel restrictions, however, major restrictions may apply, for example due to reduced flight offers. For all other countries – currently it is the ten states mentioned above plus the Vatican – Foreign Affairs only warns to be particularly careful.

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