President reformulates the Board of Directors of the Development Bank of Angola – Observer

The Angolan president reformulated the board of directors of the Development Bank of Angola (BDA), headed until Friday by Henda Essanju Inglês, who will assume the post of executive president of the institution, replaced by António Sozinho.

A note from the Civil House of the President of the Republic indicates that executive directors Mariana de Aragão, Elisabete Kinanga and Samahina Saúde have also been exonerated, while non-executive directors, Amândio Vaz Velho, José Aníbal Rocha, Leonel da Silva, have also ceased their functions. Constantino dos Santos and Adérito Correia.

The Angolan head of state has appointed non-executive directors, of which António Sozinho is also a member, cumulating the role of chairman of the board of directors of the bank, Samahina Saúde, Leonel da Silva, Constantino dos Santos and José Aníbal Rocha.

For the executive committee of the BDA, the Angolan president appointed Henda Essanju Inglês, executive director and president of this committee, Elisabeth Kinanga, Mariana de Aragão and Clemente de Oliveira Paulo, executive directors.

BDA is a public financial institution which aims to support the sustained economic growth of the country.

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