Closer, just being there: here are the best images of the “Close-up Photographer of the Year” | Photography

There were over 6,500 photographs, from 52 countries, in the 2020 Close-up Photographer of the Year competition. The award, created in 2018 by photojournalists Tracy and Dan Calder, aims to inspire photographers to “slow down, appreciate their art and establish lasting connections with the world around them”, through close-up, macro and microphotography.

This year, it is the French Galice Hoarau, professor of marine molecular ecology and photographer, who collected the prize of 2,500 pounds and the Cupoty cup with the photograph of a leptocephalus (flat and transparent eel larva), captured in Lembeh, Indonesia. , during a diving session in black water. “Dealing with the dark with a flashlight can be stressful the first time you do it, but it quickly becomes fascinating,” the photographer said, quoted in a statement sent by the contest to P3. “After the sun sets, small pelagic animals (like this larva) come up close to the surface to feed on the plankton the sun has grown. At sunrise, they descend into the depths and stay there during the day, to escape predators, ”he adds.

In this photo gallery we find the three winners of each of the competition categories: animals, insects, plants and fungi, intimate landscapes, the human, micro and young world. From a rowdy frog to a flower that looks like a ballerina, there are a lot of startling images to see. Closer, even though we were there.

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