Covid-19: Union warns of imminent breakdown of Garcia de Orta’s emergency service | Hospitals

The Southern Zone Doctors’ Union warned on Saturday that doctors at Garcia de Orta’s emergency department in Almada are exhausted and that if measures are not taken, the service will be interrupted “in the short term”.

“Doctors are exhausted, working in conditions which do not guarantee the capacity to respond to the demands of the present moment: if measures are not taken, there will be a rupture in the capacity to respond in the short term”, warns the Union of the doctors of Zona Sul (SMZS) in a statement.

The union says that, a year after the blocking of the team leaders of the general emergency service (SU) and the night-time closure of the pediatric emergency service at Garcia de Orta Hospital (HGO), “nothing has changed. “And that” the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has worsened the situation “, and” at present, the safety of patients and professionals is threatened “.

“Since September 2019, after successive complaints about the scarcity of resources and the absence of working conditions, no measures have been taken to avoid the sharp deterioration of the situation at HGO”, he laments.

He also underlines that the creation of differentiated circuits for patients suspected of covid-19 and not suspected, “has multiplied the workspaces in general in the United States, for the same insufficient number of doctors”.

Since the start of the pandemic, specialists working in the general emergency room and services for covid and non-covid patients have been working with “great dedication, exceeding the legal overtime limit by hundreds”.

“Right now, the scarcity of resources is such that the ability to respond to medical patients in the United States [Serviço de Urgência] general is lower than the stipulated minimum, and assistance to hospitalized patients with covid and non-covid pathology is at risk, ”warns the union.

In addition, the pediatric emergency room remains closed during the night, but “in extreme situations there are cases of children who resort to the general emergency”, where there are no pediatricians to. intervene.

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Garcia de Orta Hospital has a general multipurpose emergency service, with an average attendance of 300 adult patients per day, and has a direct area of ​​influence of 350,000 inhabitants, which requires a minimum number of differentiated elements. far above that which has been planned on the medical scale of the United States in general.

This is another of the “various situations” that the union denounces and which “shows how the absence of concrete measures to strengthen the SNS, as well as the lack of measures to prepare in advance for the next fall / winter”, which “Seriously understands the response to the pandemic and the maintenance of the care provided to patients with non-covid pathology”.

The union regrets the refusal of the Minister of Health to meet with the medical unions and blames “the minister and the political power for the inability” of the NHS to respond to users.

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