Infarmed: Victan anxiety is now available in the market | Medicines

Marketing of the drug indicated for anxiety and nervous symptoms “Victan 2mg”, unavailable since July, has already been restored, announced the National Medicines Authority (Infarmed).

In a statement published on the site on Friday, Infarmed informs “users, health professionals and all agents of the drug circuit” that the drug “Victan 2 mg” has been available on the market since September 29.

Infarmed assures that it will continue to monitor the availability of this drug, warning that its use must “be judicious and be done on medical prescription”.

The unavailability of this drug on the market was announced on July 21 by Infarmed, which at the time designated as “probable date” its replacement in the fourth quarter of this year.

The drug Victan, active substance Ethyl Loflazepate, is classified as a benzodiazepine with action on the central nervous system, being indicated for anxiety and anxiety symptoms.

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