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Former journalist, programmer and even RTP adviser and deputy, Manuela Melo, was the name chosen to be part of the independent General Council co-opted by the other members, the PUBLIC confirmed. The body that oversees and oversees the public radio and television service is replacing three of its members, whose terms ended in September.

A graduate in biology, Manuela Melo was one of the most charismatic faces of RTP Porto, having been a journalist on public television between 1973 and 2002. However, while still on the staff of RTP, she even suspended her work. functions to assume the post of vice-mayor of Porto (between 1999 and 2002), as well as councilor in charge of culture and tourism (from 1990 to 2002).

After officially leaving public television 18 years ago, she was elected deputy to the Assembly of the Republic by the PS, for the district of Porto, three times – 2002, 2005 and 2009.

Manuela Melo’s name will not be officially announced until after the hearings of the two new members of the Independent General Council, Leonor Beleza and Arons de Carvalho, next Tuesday, in the parliamentary committee on culture and communication. The committee has no appointing power, but it is a consultative hearing.

After the hearing, the new composition of the CGI will choose between its members the future or the future president, since António Feijó is one of the members who will leave.

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