Trump is “very well” in health, without a fan and without fever | Coronavirus

Doctors and nurses who are part of the team of professionals responsible for Donald Trump’s treatment revealed on Saturday that they were “cautiously optimistic” about the state of health of the US president despite, as they say, “very well. “. At a press conference, Dr Sean Conley began by saying that Trump and Melania “are very grateful for the support that everyone has given them.”

Sean Conley said he was “extremely pleased” with Trump’s condition, adding that the President was rushed to Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland yesterday, just in case doctors could monitor his condition closely and provide him with the necessary treatment. According to Conley, on Wednesday, Trump exhibited “a mild cough, nasal congestion and fatigue,” but symptoms “are already improving” – at least a day before the diagnosis is known to the general public, according to the accounts . this doctor.

Although he admits that “the first week is decisive” for treatment, the medical team also revealed that Trump had no difficulty breathing, did not need oxygen and felt well (and even ready to leave the hospital). In addition, his “vital functions are normal” and the Head of State – who “receives multidisciplinary care” – has not had a fever for more than 24 hours.

Regarding the treatment applied to him, one of the members of the medical team revealed that “48 hours ago, the president received a special treatment with antibodies against the coronavirus” and that “last night he received the first dose of remdesivir ”. “Our plan is to continue treatment for five days. Our plan for today, since he’s in such a good mood, is to encourage him to eat, drink, stay hydrated, get out of bed and work, ”he added.

“We remain cautiously optimistic, but he is doing very well,” concluded Sean Conley, who preferred not to move forward with a discharge date from the hospital. The doctor was however concerned about the inflammatory phase of the disease, between the seventh and the tenth day, which is why the president received “some of these advanced therapies earlier than in most patients”.

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Sean Conley also explained that the medical team assesses Trump’s condition and the need for him to remain in hospital on a daily basis, however admitting that the head of state could possibly be transferred home and receive care at home. .

The doctor further explained that on Wednesday afternoon, after being informed that close contact with the US president was infected, they repeated the test, having received confirmation of the PCR test that night. Asked why the President was taken to hospital was not a serious case, Conley replied, “Because he is the President of the United States.”

As for Melania Trump, medics have revealed that the U.S. First Lady is doing well and recovering at home and that there is no indication that she needs to be hospitalized.

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