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After the “safest beaches in Europe”, with three Portuguese in the top 10, the organization European Best Destinations (EBD) publishes its top 15 “Covid-19: the safest Christmas destinations”, Portugal in head thanks to Madeira, by the way, current nominee for “the world’s best destination island” at the World Travel Awards.

The list, a Christmas trip through Christmas destinations and markets, begins in Madeira, “the safest European destination for your vacation this winter”, but it is almost entirely occupied by Central Europe, with a large importance on the German markets (expert in the field, as we know), but also through Austria, Estonia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia and Slovakia.

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According to EBD, a Brussels-based “non-profit organization of consumers and specialists” dedicated to “the evaluation of products and services” – celebrated by the annual election of the best European destination of the year, the top of Christmas is based on several criteria, such as the number of cases of covid-19 or “health measures taken”. “Obviously, we have left aside the most affected countries (Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, France),” writes Maximilien Lejeune, who heads EBD, to Fugas.

Madeira is put forward as “a safe place for the Christmas holidays”, having, at the time of compilation of the data of the list, a number of cases of covid-19 “up to 12 times less per million inhabitants than other European destinations ”,“ Without recording the deaths ”attributed to the new coronavirus.

The summary of Madeira’s added value, in addition to tourist attributes and attractions, includes the Clean & Safe seal awarded by Turismo de Portugal. “The regional authorities”, he also refers, “are putting in place strict measures in the reception of travelers”. Thus, “precaution and relaxation make the perfect combination” for the Christmas getaway in the Madeira Islands.

To travel to Madeira, remember that, according to the rules in force, quarantine is not necessary but a covid-19 test is required within 72 hours before travel or upon arrival and use of a mask in designated places. Madeira Tourism sums it up here and here.

Apart from the pandemic, Madeira is “a real breath of fresh air”, the “most beautiful tropical Christmas destination in Europe”, with the “sunniest Christmas market”, “sublime lighting”, in more crafts, Madeira wine and gastronomy. Summarize and conclude: “This is exactly what you need in these difficult times.”

Of course, it’s best to stay a few days after Christmas too, for a New Year’s Eve party, although it’s suited for times of pandemic. After all, the island has already been highlighted in other years, also on EBD lists, as “the best New Year’s destination in Europe”.

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The text – the list with information about each destination can be found here – also highlights the covid-19 insurance launched by Portugal for tourists and which is available from 37.20 euros.

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