UNITED STATES. Joe Biden rises in polls after debate, already 14 points ahead of Trump – Observer

The first debate between candidates for the presidency of the United States raised the intentions of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, towards President Donald Trump, according to a poll published this Sunday by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News.

The poll now gives Biden a 53% victory against Trump’s 39%, a 14 percentage point advantage. In the latest poll conducted by these two media, Biden had an 8 percentage point advantage and the margin was down (11 points in July and 9 points in August).

The reversal of this trend suggests that last Tuesday’s chaotic debate – once considered the worst presidential debate ever – marked by personal insults and direct attacks directly influenced Americans’ voting intentions.

Joe Biden 8 points ahead of Trump in new poll, but margin is shrinking

This is the first time that support for Trump has fallen below 40% in polls conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC.

Support for Biden is most expressive among women, who constitute the majority of the electorate in the United States: 60% versus 33% in favor of Trump (a margin of 27 percentage points which was 20 points last month) .

As for performance in last Tuesday’s debate, 84% of Democrats said Biden did better than Trump. However, among Republicans, only 54% said Trump was doing better. In the poll total, nearly half of respondents were inclined to give Biden the victory in the debate, compared with around a quarter to give Trump the victory.

Amid screams and insults, neither Trump nor Biden could think

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