Joe Biden visits South Florida for the first time in the campaign – Observe

Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden will travel to South Florida next Monday for the first time in this campaign, where polls place him in second place with plans to vote among the Cuban electorate -American.

Although former Vice President Barack Obama’s campaign (2009-2017) has yet to reveal details of the visit, press reported that Biden will attend a public forum broadcast by NBC in Miami on Monday evening, while that his wife, Jill, take part in an election campaign in Boca Raton.

This is Biden’s second visit to the contested state, following his trip to Tampa and Orlando in mid-September to meet with military veterans and Puerto Ricans, a large Latin group who can make up for his possible bads. performance among voters. of Cuban origin.

Among Cuban, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan voters, President Donald Trump’s anti-Communist rhetoric appears to prevail, continually warning that if Biden wins, the United States could become “a Venezuela.”

Although nationally the majority of Latin voices support Democrats, in 2016 about half of Cubans opted for Trump, a trend that can be extended through November 3.

A Florida International University (FIU) poll released last Friday indicated that 59% of Cuban Americans would vote for the current president.

However, among the Florida general electorate, the trend is flattering for Biden, who continues to retain a slight advantage in voting intentions.

A New York Times and Siena College Research Institute poll, conducted between September 30 and October 1, just after the first televised election debate between Trump and Biden – gives the Democrat a five-point advantage over the Republican.

However, the search was closed hours before it was known that Trump had tested positive for the novel coronavirus, which prevented the president from holding the rally scheduled for last Friday in Orlando, central state and where a large community of Puerto Ricans.

Trump’s illness, who has been hospitalized to closely monitor the evolution of symptoms, could prevent the second presidential debate, originally scheduled for Miami on the 15th, just 14 days after the president’s positive covid result became known. -19.

Biden arrives in Florida on voter registration end day, and his campaign is ramping up to encourage as many voters as possible to take action to be able to vote.

Democratic Sen. Corey Booker of New Jersey is participating in a virtual day today where volunteers contact voters to remind them to register before the deadline and encourage them to vote ahead.

According to official figures, of the more than 14 million voters registered to vote for Floria on August 31, 5,020,199 did so as Republicans and 5,203,795 registered as Democrats, while 3,653,046 others declared themselves independent.

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