Donald Trump’s pity | Editorial

The same basic principle of humanity and empathy that leads us to wish that the American president, like any other infected with the coronavirus, could be restored so quickly and without consequences opens the door so that no one has to feel a burden on conscience so as not to feel sorry for what happened to Donald Trump.

Because in the light of these same values, we are called to assess who has always despised them and, even worse, who, in an inhuman and irresponsible way, actively contributed to the spread of the virus which now affects them in such a way. in the United States that it has already caused more than 200,000 deaths and made the most powerful country in the world one of the poorest in the fight against the pandemic.

It is this man’s attitudes that make us look with a sense of strangeness, almost unreality, at the fact that the Democratic campaign decided to suspend negative publicity as soon as it learned of the President’s infection. Cultivated aggressiveness on the one hand, who is able to ridicule an opponent’s illness (Hillary Clinton) or joke about basic protective care, like wearing a mask (as he did with Joe Biden) makes us strange something we just did time would be reasonably mundane. And that’s an unbearable idea – because the rule can’t be division, aggression, the idea that anything goes, which Donald Trump cultivates on a daily basis. The rule should be the decency on which your opponent, Joe Biden, has established his campaign. And this must prevail over everyone’s political inclinations.

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If the polls show that Americans are already showing some fatigue with the figure, the most expected is that this inclination can be reinforced when, due to their personal situation, the topic of covid-19 is at the center of the electoral campaign, which, for the very bad recording, Trump had no intention of at all.

But this figure has managed to divide the country in such a way, alienating normality to such an extent, that no one can bet on it with deep conviction. After all, today is the country where many, faced with the news of Trump’s illness, hesitated to believe it was a sham.

Although he is sorry for the lesson karma has given him, he wants to get better. But on top of that something more important is needed: that the United States improve itself, getting rid of the virus that represents the current occupant of the White House for decency and for the values ​​of humanity. .

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