Farense without inhibition scares Benfica in Luz | Game Chronicle

When Jorge Jesus was asked, in a preview of Matchday 3, that Farense was waiting at Estádio da Luz, the coach bet on a more focused opponent to attract Benfica and activate the transitions. He was wrong. The Algarve showed this Sunday, in Lisbon, an uninhibited, personalized, authoritarian side, even sold, in the face of defeat (3-2), until the last second. Despite the difficulties, the “reds” really won and isolated themselves in the direction of the championship.

Soon it was realized that Farense had entered the pitch to discuss the game. Attacking in 4x3x3 and defending in 4x5x1, with a strict occupation of spaces in the central corridor, the team led by Sérgio Vieira was able to cancel the game between the lines of Benfica and undermine the quality of the individual decisions of the opponent.

The question at the time was how long would Farense be able to maintain the approach. Even when I could physically endure such an ambitious and demanding game plan, which started from the projection of full-backs (Alex Pinto on the right and Fábio Nunes on the left) to condition the actions of Everton and Rafa, and had a trio in the disciplined and hard core.

The Algarvians’ initiative, who returned to the top echelon at this point, reduced Benfica’s dangerous moves to practically offensive transitions. And it was in one of them that he reached the goal, at 15 ‘: Rafa recovered the ball in the midfield line, took off and helped Pizzi, who opened the scoring last .

It could have been an unblocking moment for the “eagles” and a mental block for visitors, but the opposite happened. Farense insisted on maintaining the initiative and scared the rival off with a few blows (especially a header from Stojiljkovic) before the break.

A redefinition of Jorge Jesus’ game plan in the locker room was expected, giving back control to Benfica. However, it was Farense who came more boldly, varied quality of play with quality and forced the opponent to bow – and often disorganized.

This daring paid off in the 54th minute, one minute after Vlachodimos received a penalty from Ryan Gauld (twice, with the goalkeeper committing an offense in the first). In the corner that followed, Jonathan Lucca won Otamendi and headed for the draw.

Clearly during the match, the Algarves still put the ball back in Fabrício Isidoro’s “red” goal, but Ryan Gauld was in the lead when he helped and that fear seems to have awakened his self-esteem a bit. from Benfica. , which made three changes to a regulation.

One of them resolved the meeting. Seferovic replaced a weak Waldschmidt in the game and put the “incarnados” to the advantage in the 78 ‘, after a quick foray from Grimaldo down the left lane, culminating in a guided traverse.

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Forced to take more risks, Farense redoubled his exposure to transitions and it was in one of them that the Swiss striker scored twice (87th), with the contribution of Darwin, who, for lack of goals, added the fourth assist this season.

Losing 3-1, Sérgio Vieira launched a midfielder (Bura) and a striker (Pedro Henrique), but he would be another of the players leaving the bench to reduce, already at 90 + 5 ‘. Otamendi facilitated in the central lane, when he was the last man, and left Patrick isolated, with Cape Verde enjoying the blessing.

It wasn’t enough for Farense to score for the first time (there are three defeats in three games), but it has come to scare a title contender and prove that the range of Portuguese teams playing daring football is growing. Just look at the numbers: 55% -45% in possession, 15-12 in shots, 7-7 in corners.

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