Journalist says he was censored for exposing suspicion of corruption by João Lourenço’s chief of staff | Angola

The Angolan Journalists Union (SJA) has condemned what it calls an “act of censorship” by the TV Zimbo management committee, which blocked the broadcast of the journalist’s Direct to the Point section and Angolan economist Carlos Rosado de Carvalho, because it was addressing suspicions of illicit enrichment that fall on the chief of staff of the President of the Republic of Angola, Carlos Rosado de Carvalho.

SJA congratulates Rosado de Carvalho “for the courage to refuse and denounce censorship” and urges the channel’s journalists to denounce other acts of interference in editorial management “.

TV Zimbo, Rádio Mais and the newspaper O País, all belonging to the Media Nova group, were handed over to the Angolan state at the end of July, as part of the process of recovering assets created with public funds, according to the attorney general’s office. . The National Asset Recovery Service then turned the companies over to the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Media, which appointed a management commission for TV Zimbo.

On Saturday, the economist, who presents the program Direto ao Ponto on TV Zimbo, announced on Twitter an “end point” of the collaboration, because he decided to respond to the suspicions about the chief of staff of João Lourenço. “The Edeltrudes Costa affair” was the subject of DIRECT TO THE POINT on Saturday. Friday TV Zimbo told me that the topic “was not relevant”, asking “to schedule another”. Obviously, I did not accept it ”, wrote Carlos Rosado de Carvalho

Speaking to Lusa today, the reporter said he had no doubts that this was an act of censorship. “I was not allowed to pass on the subject,” he said, explaining that he intended to “dissect the Edeltrudes affair”.

Edeltrudes Costa, chief of staff of the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, would have benefited from contracts with the State which would have brought him millions of dollars, according to an investigation by TVI.

The chief of staff is accused of embezzling large sums of money from Angola abroad, money used to buy houses in Cascais, apartments and high-end cars. It was then that the fight against corruption was the flag of João Lourenço’s mandate.

“I do not believe that this is an order at the highest level, it will rather be self-censorship [dos meios] who put themselves in the shoes of the president ”, estimated Carlos Rosado de Carvalho, declaring himself“ available to forget everything ”, if he can present the case next Saturday to Direto ao Ponto.

The SJA underlines in its declaration that the suspicions which weigh on the chief of staff of the President of the Republic are of “public interest” and considers “deplorable” the argument used by the executive committee to prevent the issue from being dealt with. .

It also asks the Angolan Social Communication Regulatory Entity (ERCA) to “play its role”.

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For SJA, the act of the management committee of TV Zimbo, “clearly contradicts the promise of the Minister of Telecommunications and Social Communication to keep unchanged the editorial line of TV Zimbo and other organs transferred to the state sphere”.

Pressed by Lusa to comment on the censorship accusations, the TV Zimbo board of directors forwarded clarifications until later.

Carlos Rosado de Carvalho has been a member of the Economic and Social Council since September, an advisory body to the President, recently created by João Lourenço.

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