iOS 14: Concept of widgets on the iPad, like on the iPhone

IOS 14 allows users to place widgets on the home screen with an iPhone. You have great success. However, iPad users are not allowed to do so. As it is, it is only possible to have widgets in the sidebar when the iPad is in landscape mode.

This is where a concept comes into play that provides an insight into the “real” support of iPad widgets. Its author Matt Birchler explains that the different iPads make the task difficult. Depending on the screen size, the orientation or the display mode, the distance between the symbols varies. This ranges from 38 points on the 9.7-inch iPad to 137 points on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

How does that work in this case? Matt Birchler’s solution is to narrow the spacing between each app icon so that a 2×2 block matches a widget. This format makes it easy to install widgets regardless of the screen size and orientation of the iPad.

Apple doesn’t have to worry about the iPhone as the home screen stays upright. To see now whether Apple will offer an update for iPadOS 14 with support for “real” widgets in the future or whether we will have to wait until iPadOS 15 next year.

Those with an iPad will also have noticed that the App Library feature, which is used to group apps by category, isn’t available on the tablet. So far, only users with an iPhone have benefited. Apple doesn’t say whether iPad support will ever be offered.

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