CRM for freelancers

If you’re a freelancer, having a customer relationship management tool still has an advantage. Maybe not to manage a client or two, but when there are many, simple email exchanges, drives, or even Excel files are a real bog. It is therefore convenient to have handy tools that can be used on a daily basis.

8Demand is a CRM for freelancers and small businesses. This complete tool allows you to manage customers, payments (invoices, expenses), offers and their offer. It’s a minimalist and intuitive tool that allows clients to be managed on a single platform.

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A simple tool with essential functions

8Demand is divided into 3 main parts. The first contains the dashboard, which provides an overview of the current situation. The number of customers, quotes, invoices, etc. Next, there is a tab dedicated to leads, where you can manage the different stages of the sales process. It is also possible to create forms, for example to receive testimonials or simply feedback.

The users section is used to manage 8Demand users, their roles, and customers.
Multiple users can be added to the tool. All you have to do is enter your surname, first name, email address, password, order and finally your role. Roles can be fully personalized and adapted to anything. In all cases, the administrator must select the modules that a person can access, as well as the permissions (manage, create, modify, edit).

With the sales part, you can create invoices, track payments and record expenses relatively quickly. This part also provides the ability to create contracts to clearly define the mission set up.

A free tool

The last tab for invoicing is where you can manage your subscription to 8Demand. The tool offers several offers. A free version that allows 3 people to use the platform, add 5 customers and manage 10 offers. Then 3 offers are proposed:

Freelancer for $ 9 per month that can manage 400 clients and 2,500 offers from 25 people. A business offer for $ 16 per month. The Appsumo lifetime offer for $ 19 offers the ability to add unlimited users, clients, and customers from deals on the platforms.

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