Covid19. Angolan doctors worried about number of deaths and infections among class – Observer

The North Regional Council of the Angolan College of Physicians is concerned about deaths and covid-19 infections among healthcare professionals, which they have found to account for around ten deaths and nearly 50 positive cases.

According to a statement, to which Lusa Agency had access, members will meet urgently on Tuesday, to assess the likely causes of the high number of deaths and infections in the classroom, as well as to outline strategies to mitigate the situation.

For doctors, special protection for this class and other health professionals is “fundamental, indisputable and indispensable”, in the face of the challenges of the pandemic caused by Covid-19. This protection, the doctors stress, is all the more necessary given the gravity of the situation and the fact that, in the country, there are a small number of doctors to meet the health needs of the populations.

Angola now has a total of 5,402 cases, of which 2,577 recovered, 2,630 active, of which 16 are critical and 14 are serious and 195 deaths.

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