Prime Minister hears economists and entrepreneurs on the Government’s recovery and resilience plan

The Prime Minister will hear this Tuesday from businessmen and economists from the main national institutions on the recovery and resilience plan, a document the government intends to deliver the first version of to Brussels on October 15.

With these two series of hearings with economists and businessmen, according to the executive source, António Costa resumes the same method that marked the process of his government’s preparation for the economic and social stabilization program last June.

With regard to the recovery and resilience plan, the Prime Minister has already received parties with parliamentary representation, debated them in the Assembly of the Republic and met the social partners and the territorial coordination council (mayors).

Once this process is completed, the government hopes that the document will be approved by the Council of Ministers on the 14th, before going to Brussels.

Still in terms of timing, the government intends that the recovery and resilience plan deserves final approval in the first quarter of next year.

In this sense, on Monday, during a session with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, António Costa said that Portugal wanted to be one of the first countries to start implementing this plan, which in over the next few years could involve about 15, 3 billion euros in subsidies.

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At Tuesday’s meeting, with businessmen, by videoconference, starting at 11:30 am, the Prime Minister will have representatives from groups such as Frezite, DST, Vitacress, Altran, Critical Software, Nabeiro and Val Invest, among others .

Friday’s meeting, with economists, will bring together Catarina Reis (Catholic University), Francisca Guedes de Oliveira (University of Porto), Luís Catão and António Afonso (ISEG), Ricardo Pais Mamede and Alexandra Ferreira Lopes (ISCTE), Miguel Ferreira and Susana Peralta (Nova SBE), José Caetano and Miguel Rocha de Sousa (University of Évora), Pedro Gil and Pedro Teixeira (University of Porto), Pedro Bação and Tiago Sequeira (University of Coimbra).

In addition to representatives of academic institutions, the Prime Minister will also hear on the same day João Amador (Banco de Portugal), Miguel St. Aubyn (Public Finance Council), Ricardo Reis (London School of Economics) and Miguel Faria e Castro (Federal Bank Saint-Louis Reserve).

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