“Don’t Fear Covid”: Trump Causes Outrage With Corona Tweet – Politics

Trump was given steroids for a tough cure

After US President Donald Trump wanted to show strength with his surprise car appearance on Sunday, statements by his treating doctors once again show that Trump’s disease course has been alarming in two places since the positive test on Thursday.

His doctors said Trump’s oxygen levels had dropped twice as much, according to the New York Times, requiring medical measures. Until now, it was only known that Trump was reportedly supplied with supplemental oxygen once on Friday before being taken to Walter Reed Hospital.

According to his doctors, the American president also received steroids, the New York Times writes. It is said to be the steroid dexamethasone, which in severe cases should counteract a wrong reaction of the immune system. With mild courses the steroids can also be harmful because the immune system is then disturbed.

This shows that his condition was much more critical than originally reported. Since then, Trump has stabilized to the point that he can actually be released on Monday.

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