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Even if it seems even less certain than usual these days, one thing can be assumed: the TV duel between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris next Wednesday will be much more civilized than the one between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on Tuesday. a week ago.

The debate between the two US vice-presidential candidates is unlikely to get any more boring. Because both Pence (61) and Harris (55) are currently being observed even more than usual as to whether they can intervene if the first row fails or steps back. This has been the case nine times in US history.

The Republican pennies would automatically take over the administration’s business if Trump’s Covid-19 disease developed more seriously than he would have you believe. Pence also acts for his boss at election campaign events, such as a rally in Arizona on Thursday, as long as the president is not allowed to travel.

Kamala Harris could succeed Joe Biden

Harris, who is 22 years younger than Democratic presidential candidate Biden, is believed by many to be speculating about running for president no later than four years – earlier if necessary.

It is unclear whether the two other debates scheduled for October 15 and October 22 could take place between Trump and Biden. It is now known that Trump came too late to be tested last Tuesday. This was reported by the presenter of the game hosted by Fox News, Chris Wallace.

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It has been official since Friday night that Trump tested positive for the virus. On the other hand, when exactly he received his last negative test result is one of the questions the White House and Trump’s doctors are getting into.

For the vice game in Salt Lake City (Utah), new rules were negotiated that could also be used in further debates. The two candidates should stop talking to reduce the risk of infection. The distance between them is increased to four meters – and a plexiglass window separates the opponents.

The Pence team initially faced a plexiglass screen

California Senator Harris’s team is said to have insisted on this. Vice President Pence’s campaign was reluctant to agree, Politico magazine writes. Her spokeswoman Katie Miller then scoffed, “If Senator Harris wants a fort around her, go ahead.” Given a White House increasingly becoming a corona hotspot, not everyone will find such comments amusing.

Place of debate: Kingsbury Hall, University of Utah Photo: Eric BARADAT / AFP

The debate will be moderated at the University of Utah (9:00 p.m. East Coast Time) by Susan Page, the head of the Washington bureau for USA Today. Harris, trained as a former prosecutor to argue sharply and put pressure on her counterpart, is expected to be aggressive – just as you know from her performances at Senate hearings.

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In the available 90 minutes, she will try to tackle the government’s handling of the pandemic, which she sees as catastrophic. She will emphasize that Trump and Pence, as heads of the Corona task force, are responsible for the nearly 7.5 million people infected and more than 210,000 dead – as well as for the economic slump and the rise in unemployment.

Both trained with test debates

Harris prepared with Pete Buttigieg, the 38-year-old former presidential candidate who is considered one of the Democrats’ greatest rhetorical talents. Buttigieg was also mayor of South Bend, Indiana, the state that ruled Pence as governor for four years.

Unlike Trump, Pence has also prepared extensively for the duel. For test debates, Pam Bondi, the former Florida chief prosecutor, took on the role of Harris. Pence will try to beat the Democrat on “Law and Order”. As a prosecutor, she represented positions rejected by the left wing of her party.

There are significant differences between the two on socio-political issues. An arch-conservative evangelical, Pence strictly rejects abortions – the liberal California senator emphasizes women’s right to self-determination. Pence also once said that he wouldn’t just dine with another woman, but his – it’ll be interesting to see if Harris tries to poke fun at it.

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