the keys to a successful Black Friday 2020

According to Adobe Analytics, there should be 20% more sales over the Black Friday weekend this year. This is a good sign for all e-retailers and advertisers who have suffered from the health crisis and for whom the last months of the year are particularly critical to sales. Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Amazon Prime Day, Christmas … If there isn’t a lack of opportunities to grow your sales, you still need to know how to take advantage of them.

According to a survey conducted by Wells Fargo, 70% of consumers have no plans to return to a store in the near future. This year, a strong digital presence will therefore be more crucial than ever. Therefore, a few weeks before the fateful date, retailers will have to reinvent their business strategy to meet the strong demand and ensure the success of their operations.

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In this white paper, Channable discusses the trends, but also the challenges that advertisers will have to face this year, and explains how these can be overcome, in particular through flow management and automation. In this study, you can find Channable’s best advice for the following key sectors:

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Black Friday: a must for e-commerce events

American-born Black Friday is a commercial holiday that occurs the day after Thanksgiving, and when many Americans take a day off to enjoy a long weekend and start their Christmas shopping. Retailers quickly saw this as a rare opportunity to acquire new customers and consequently generate more sales through particularly attractive promotions.

It will be necessary to wait until 2013 to see how Black Friday lands in France. Despite a relatively shy start, the e-commerce event has captured the hearts of the French and established itself as a deadline for both retailers and customers. On average, 72% of people under 35 today use Black Friday to make purchases, the majority of which are online. A trend that will intensify this year due to the current health restrictions. The result: retailers need to work digitally, be present on multiple sales platforms and, most importantly, ensure that their product advertisements are always up to date in order to convert as many Internet users as possible into customers.

Development of the number of search queries on Black Friday over the last 5 years. Source: Google Trends

Prepare your online shop well for the big day

Regardless of your industry, good preparation for Black Friday is essential to ensure success. This includes in particular the optimization of your data flows. A feed is a file that contains all of your product information: from title to price, including description and stock level. In order to effectively distribute your catalog on multiple channels, it is essential to optimize your feeds and take into account the specifics required by the various sales platforms (marketplaces, price comparators, partner websites, social networks, etc.). What else? The quality of your ads will be affected.

This is exactly where an SEA flow management and automation tool can become your best ally. Take the fashion industry, for example. This year the biggest challenges will be:

Maintain Current Stocks Stand out from the competition Respond to the surge in online traffic

To address these challenges, Channable offers in its whitepaper solutions that are tailored to advertisers, as well as technical advice and tips to create effective marketing campaigns and provide the best possible customer experience.


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