All Google apps will notify you of suspicious activity

In turmoil over the allegations of the US Congress, Google does not forget the safety of its users. In a blog post published on October 7, 2020, Mountain View described various new features to improve the safety of Internet users.

Notifications without Gmail

“The security of our products is based on three fundamental principles: protecting your information, handling it responsibly and controlling it,” writes Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, vice president of products and data protection at Google. Because of this, the company introduces new security alerts if it suspects malicious activity is taking place on your account.

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Android smartphones have had notifications since 2015, but they “automatically display an alert in the Google app you are using and help you act” without the need to check email or phone notifications. These notifications are particularly secure and, according to statements, can only be issued by Google. They will be made available to a small number of users in the coming weeks and will be officially launched a little later.

Mountain View also confirms that its Safety Center, a platform for educating its users on cybersecurity, is currently being updated in the US and “very soon” in the rest of the world.

Changes to the Google Assistant and Timeline

Google Assistant users, especially those on the Google Nest series of devices, now enable guest mode:

“With a simple voice command, you can activate guest mode and your assistant’s interactions in that mode will not be saved in your account. You can deactivate guest mode at any time to enjoy the full and personalized Google Assistant experience again. “

The company also announces that it is now possible to change your location history on the Google Maps timeline and see your security settings with a simple search in search.

All of these new features are available because Mountain View has significantly improved the security of their Chrome browser with the update to the latest version.

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