In the second quarter of 2020, the French called 72.2 billion minutes

“Eight weeks imprisonment disrupted the use of telecommunications services”: these are the conclusions of Arcep in its report on the electronic communications market in France in the second quarter of 2020. With a total of 72.2 billion minutes, the French spent on the phone are under the influence regained a feel for voice communication after the health crisis.

The revenge of the fixed line

This is a record that has not been reached in 20 years: in the second quarter of 2020, voice communication usage in France rose to 72.2 billion minutes on the phone, an increase of 28.3% in one year. Note that it lost ground last year with a slight decrease of -0.2%.

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Unsurprisingly, this sharp spike is not independent of the constraint France (and the rest of the world) hit due to the health crisis. With millions of French locked in their homes, the phone has (again) become an essential means of keeping in touch with loved ones.

Cellular networks were particularly popular, accounting for eight out of ten minutes of communication alone (or 57.2 billion minutes and a 30% growth in one year). Fixed line connections, however, were revitalized with an increase of 22% compared to the previous year. A real revenge since last year, they fell 15%. In addition, landline usage has declined significantly and inexorably over the past seven years. It is therefore a real return to life, but one that could prove short-lived: the French are no longer in custody, it is very unlikely that this surge will be confirmed in the months ahead.

In addition, data consumption in cellular networks continues to rise: + 36% in one year, with 95% of all traffic being transmitted with 4G. Finally, the French were using an average of 10.2 GB of data per month, which is a 23% increase from one year to another.

Containment has exceeded the use of communication tools

In addition to landline and cellular networks, the restriction has given other means of communication a real boom. This is especially the case with video conferencing, which has been the preferred communication channel for users from all over the world to keep in touch with loved ones and organize work sessions or continue school at home.

A trend from which many companies have benefited. These include Zoom, which continues to benefit from the dynamism of the health crisis and whose sales have quadrupled in the second fiscal year 2020, or even Snap Camera, whose downloads have multiplied by 10 during delivery.

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