Inspired by TikTok, Instagram is adding new audio features to the roles

On its Twitter account, Instagram announced the introduction of three new features for Reels, the new format that represents the heyday of the social network. On the agenda: the ability to save audios, share entire pages of content created with the same music, and search for sounds using new categories.

Instagram is further developing Reels, its new star format

In June 2020, Instagram started the Reels tests in Germany, France and Brazil. A few months later, it was introduced in 50 countries around the world. Since then, it has been the new star format of the social network, which has been evolving at great speed with the arrival of a tab entirely dedicated to this topic.

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Instagram is determined to capitalize on this momentum and has announced the introduction of three new features for Reels. The first of these is “Save Audio”, which offers the ability to save sounds for later. The second option is the Share Audio Pages option, which allows you to share entire pages in a private message that summarizes content created with the same audio. Finally, Instagram launches new categories in the audio browser so that users can browse sounds specially selected for them (“For You”) or those that mark trends (“Trends”).

New role functions 👀

🔉Save Audio → Save sounds that you can create with anytime

🙋‍♀️ Release audio pages → Release all roles that use a certain audio track via DM

🎶Audio Browser → Browse new sections like For You and Trending

– Instagram (@instagram) October 8, 2020

More and more inspired by TikTok

Not only has TikTok passed the 2 billion download mark, but it has also become the social platform of choice for American teenagers. So it’s time for an emergency on Instagram. In order not to lose its place, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network was inspired by the features that made the Chinese social network successful. Roles are ultimately just the result of this strategy. These three new features are further evidence of this as they were already there on TikTok.

This “inspiration strategy” is not new to the Facebook family. Keep in mind that the Instagram co-founder even admitted to copying the Stories format from its competitor Snapchat in April 2020. If morally questionable, this practice still seems to win for the American social network.

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