Certification available soon for community managers

Facebook Blueprint is launching a new certification for community managers. To receive it, they must pass a 120-minute exam aimed at “identifying candidates who are able to use tools and strategies to create, develop and manage an online community.” To create communities, ”explains Facebook.

Facebook launches certification for community managers

After the certifications of Digital Marketing Associate, specialist in creative strategies and specialist in media buying, Facebook BluePrint starts the Community Manager certification. Community managers are thus offered a new way to testify their digital skills by passing an exam set up by Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. During 120 minutes it is divided into 5 main parts, which are described in detail by the BDM:

Define and Establish a Community (8%): ​​You know how to make the decisions necessary to develop your audience while achieving your goals (quantified or not). Develop community manager strategies (27%): You know how to determine and implement different target group, brand, launch, platform, etc. strategies. Make strategic content decisions (16%): Understand best practices for publishing relevant content to audiences. Engage and moderate a community (29%): They know how to welcome new subscribers, encourage interactions, and manage potential conflicts. Analyze Data on Your Audience (20%): Understand how to analyze the content and engagement involved, and how to sort the data for quality reports.

At the end of the supervised exam (and if you pass it), Facebook will give you a badge that is valid for two years. This certification is particularly relevant for self-taught CMs who can demonstrate their skills to potential new customers.

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Exam preparation courses

Before the exam, you can prepare properly on Facebook with free resources available on Blueprint. The social network offers a total of 4 modules with a duration of 15 to 35 minutes each. Better still, before you take the plunge, there is also the option to take a 30-minute mock exam to assess your level.

Facebook promises that the certification will be available on July 21, 2020 and will include “the new curriculum, study guide, and supervised exam”. Perfect, that gives you a lot of time to revise!

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