IBM uses AI-powered tools to replace third-party cookies

When the end of third-party cookies came, IBM announced the release of several tools based on artificial intelligence to help marketers recover.

Provision of three new solutions

Thanks to cookies, advertisers can develop targeted advertising on the Internet and analyze their popularity. However, browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox have announced that they will no longer support them, which raises many questions from professionals about how to replace them. For this reason, thanks to artificial intelligence, IBM is working on an alternative to cookies. The company just unveiled three new tools that will be added to its promotional products this year.

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In the coming months, IBM will introduce a new attribution solution based on AI, initially in beta. It will also provide an innovative audience prediction tool based on common behaviors rather than identifiers. It will especially help marketers to better distinguish target audience segments.

Finally, the Advertising Accelerator, a system that combines AI and marketing that was deployed by IBM in January and that allows predicting which content will be most popular, now supports video and OTT formats.

A “New Era of Advertising”

In addition to these tools, the company is considering building an ecosystem of partners including Meidamath and Nielsen, who are already affiliated with IBM, and Xandr and AT&T, with whom talks are going well, reports Adweek. .

The announcement comes shortly after the launch of IBM Watson Advertising Weather Targeting by the US company in collaboration with Nielsen. This tool, which is also based on artificial intelligence, analyzes data on geography and weather conditions in order to better target advertising.

With these new tools, IBM is shaping the future of online advertising: solutions now harness the power of AI instead of cookies, which are often highlighted because of their undermining user privacy. “The advertising industry is in a state of great upheaval not only because of the global economic and social crisis, but also because of the numerous regulations in force to protect the privacy of consumers,” said Sheri Bachstein, Global Director of Watson Advertising and the Weather Company, concluded: “Now is the time to usher in a new era of advertising. And we think this era is AI. “

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