Trump back in election campaign: “I’ll give you all a big kiss” – politics

US President Donald Trump celebrated his supporters in the US state of Florida on his return to the election stage following his Covid 19 illness. “I feel so strong,” Trump said Monday evening (local time) during his approximately one hour performance Sanford near Orlando.

As over the weekend, the 74-year-old stressed that he was now immune. ‘I’m going to kiss everyone in this audience. I will kiss the boys and the beautiful women (…). I’m going to give you all a big, big kiss. Florida may be a pivotal state for the Nov. 3 presidential election.

Trump’s GP Sean Conley had previously announced that several rapid corona tests on “consecutive days” had been negative for the 74-year-old. In addition to the antigen tests, other laboratory data was used to determine that the president was no longer contagious. When Trump first tested negative and how often remained unclear. Nor did Conley explain why Trump apparently was not tested with the commonly performed PCR method, which is considered more reliable when compared to antigen testing.

Biden criticizes Trump as inconsiderate

Due to his corona infection, which became known in early October, Trump had to abruptly halt his election campaign appearances at airports with the presidential plane as a backdrop. He was treated for three days in a military hospital near Washington. Conley said on Saturday that Trump was no longer contagious. He only gave information about test results on Monday.

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Trump declined to wear a mask on his trip to Florida, as photos of the departure showed. The Republican has extremely rarely worn mouth and nose protection in public since the start of the pandemic. His opponents criticized him as a bad example.

“Living normal, that’s all we want,” Trump said in front of his supporters. He claimed his Democratic challenger Joe Biden would end recovery from the crisis, delay a vaccine and prolong the pandemic. In addition, Biden wants a “draconian, unscientific lockdown” for Florida. In reality, Biden promises to contain the pandemic with a national strategy, on the advice of scientists and health experts to protect people. He repeatedly stresses the importance of masks.

Biden didn’t just criticize Trump on Monday for his handling of the pandemic as a whole. “His relentless personal behavior since his diagnosis has been unscrupulous,” Biden said during a performance in the equally controversial state of Ohio. “The longer Donald Trump has been president, the more ruthless he becomes,” Biden tweeted.

Fauci continues to oppose Trump commercial

Meanwhile, the dispute between Trump’s campaign team and prominent American health expert Anthony Fauci continued. The immunologist made it clear on CNN that he did not want to be used in Trump ads in the election campaign. The election campaign team may no longer use a commercial that uses Fauci’s statements without his permission and incoherently. “I am very sorry and very disappointed that they did that,” said Fauci.

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He is not a political person and has never supported a political candidate. Fauci warned that if Trump’s campaign team is considering using him for further campaign ads, it could backfire. “You’re doing this against my will,” Fauci told the Daily Beast news site. Campaign ads are about winning votes. But the intimidation of itself could deter some voters, speculated Fauci, who is part of the White House’s coronavirus task force.

The immunologist was also critical of campaign events Trump wants to stop this week: in the coming days, Trump will travel to Pennsylvania, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and again to Florida. “We know this is causing problems,” Fauci said in view of the gatherings of many maskless people, as is customary with Trump appearances.

The corona pandemic is still out of control in the US. In the past seven days, an average of about 50,000 new infections were detected per day. About 7.8 million infections with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen have been detected since the start of the pandemic. More than 21,000 people died after being infected. Even the White House struggled with an outbreak: In addition to Trump, numerous other employees and guests at government headquarters tested positive. (dpa)

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