A tool for making notes during Zoom video conferencing

When calling through Zoom, it is common practice to take notes, especially at team meetings. However, taking notes and focusing on what the interlocutor is saying is not always easy and requires some organization. There are various solutions to improve productivity and facilitate the transfer of information.

With Perfect Recall you can, for example, take notes and mark important moments during zoom calls in order to share them later via email, on Slack or even in Notion via a simple clickable link. With Perfect Recall you can record an entire zoom call or just extracts.

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A simple tool that lets you focus on what matters most

Once you are in the zoom conversation, you need to hit the record button. The Perfect Recall page displays. Notes can be entered from there. It is also possible to create a highlight by clicking Ctrl + Space to highlight a point, an important idea in the conversation.
When the conversation is over, the final rendering can be viewed through the Perfect Recall web interface. The conversation is recorded and everything that has been said, as well as the notes taken during the call, are transcribed.

Note that this can be displayed at any time

The video speed can be changed (faster or slower).
For highlights you can create short video clips by clicking on the little blue pencil on the right. These mini videos can be shared simply by copying the link. The entire video and its transcript can also be shared with employees, customers, etc. with a single click.

Perfect Recall differs from other tools in that it creates highlights and makes it easy to pass them on.

A handy tool for this time of COVID-19 when most of the meetings, interviews or customer appointments are conducted online and generate a huge amount of information!

Perfect Recall is a paid tool that can be tested free of charge for 14 days. Then the monthly subscription is $ 20 per month per user.

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