Multiple Macs appear with macOS Big Sur

Apple has registered new Mac credentials with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). We can therefore expect the imminent arrival of these new computers.

There are eight references. All of the computers listed here are running macOS Big Sur, Apple’s new major update. The part numbers are A2348, A2438, A2439, A2337, A2338, A2147, A2158, and A2182. It’s good to note that the last three references came out back in June 2019, but the Macs in question haven’t been released yet. In addition, all three models have been “updated” to run on macOS Big Sur.

We don’t yet know which Mac models the models refer to. We can at least expect a Mac with the Apple Silicon processor. Apple has already announced that the first Apple Silicon Mac will be released at the end of the year. A recent leak indicated that the presentation and availability will be sometime in November.

The EWG also lists many references for devices with iOS. Some are already commercially available, but some are not. It’s probably the iPhone 12.

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