The Facebook Messenger changes the icon and new features are added

Facebook today renews its messenger messaging application. We are entitled to a new icon and other new features.

Goodbye blue, make room for a mix of blue, purple and orange / red. There are similarities between this icon and the one on the Instagram app. After all, both belong to Facebook. We can add that the social network recently merged the private messages from Messenger and Instagram. Suffice it to say that the two services are closer than ever.

“Our new logo reflects a change in the future of messaging, a more dynamic, fun, and integrated way to keep in touch with people close to you,” says Facebook.

The update is also an opportunity to have the right to new topics and personalized reactions. Later there will be selfie stickers and a disappearance mode to make the discussions… disappear.

Facebook wants Messenger users to enjoy their conversations. Because of this, various new features will be added over time. In particular, there is Watch Together, the feature that allows you to watch the same content with multiple people without being around your friends. Facebook launched this service in the face of the health crisis and containment.

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