Snapchat is already introducing a lens that works with the LIDAR on the iPhone 12 Pro

Apple presented its new iPhone generation on October 13, 2020. One of its new functions is the LIDAR technology (detection and estimation of the distance by laser). Snapchat intends to use this to deliver more advanced augmented reality experiences.

Augmented Reality on smartphones is entering a new era

The Apple brand has presented three new smartphones with a completely new design that support 5G: the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The last two are also equipped with a LIDAR scanner, like the one presented in March iPad Pro.

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LIDAR technology, essential for autonomous vehicle navigation, measures the time it takes for light to reach an object and then reflect it. In this way, the surroundings of the device with which it is equipped can be mapped. It is a perfect technology for developing more powerful augmented reality tools so we can expect revolutionary shopping, decorating and gaming applications to be released in this field … and an application in individual intends to take the opportunity to improve.

Snapchat didn’t miss the mark

Snapchat has already announced the upcoming release of a lens designed specifically for the lidar scanner on the iPhone 12 Pro. Apple also showed an example of Snapchat’s new tool during its keynote. In particular, we can see herbs and flowers on the table and floor as birds fly towards the user’s face.

To see the demonstration, place your cursor at 59:41:

We find that the depth is much more pronounced than with the other Snapchat lenses and that the augmented reality elements fit perfectly into the room, which proves the effectiveness of LIDAR. Augmented Reality is the backbone of Snapchat that multiplies new ads and experiences, most recently Local Lenses which launched in London on October 13th. It is certain that the release of the iPhone 12 Pro will greatly improve the use of this technology.

It will also help improve iPhone camera with a much more precise night mode.

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