Corona Strategy: Why We Should Save Our Energy – Politics

It will be uncomfortable in the first German Corona autumn. In many places, the number of infections is increasing dramatically. Federal and state governments are responding. On Wednesday, they agreed on a catalog of new measures, including stricter mask requirements, restaurant curfews, and contact restrictions.

The most difficult discussions have been about the residence ban, the consequences of which create confusion and burden the holiday industry. It shows that the patience of the citizen is increasingly under pressure. The autumn break was ruined for many. The most important tool in the fight against the pandemic, mutual consideration, seems to be slowly being used up.

But despite all the understandable outrage over measures, some of which are difficult to understand, it remains necessary to keep an eye on the whole. If the goal was to smooth out an impending rising infection curve in the spring, the renewed rise should now be averted from the outset. Better a painful little closure here and there then again weeks of cemetery silence on the street.

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There are many figures, but little can be calculated

Since a vaccine, as predicted, will not be available for much longer, it is difficult to recommend alternatives to this strategy. A deliberate letting go requires victims who hardly outweigh population immunity, which is already unattainable in the short term.

The fact that doctors invite people to empty intensive care beds shows their capabilities, but not their responsibility. And it is true that the number of infections is not everything when it comes to health, but it also does not make the virus predictable.

There remains a phase of uncertainty in which a government is certainly not the only one that offers orientation. Another is the law. In the discussion about housing bans, it has again become clear that politics must not neglect the law. The fight against Corona is conducted with restrictions on fundamental rights, except in the hospital. Citizens who go to a hotel in the neighboring state with their families do not have to justify themselves; Authorities forbidding them and their hosts to do so must justify themselves.

If rules are destroyed, it does not mean they fail

An infringement of a fundamental right must be appropriate, necessary and appropriate in order to exist. In any case, when banning accommodation, it is already doubtful whether this is even suitable: As far as is known, there is no significant risk of overnight stays. Is such a prohibition therefore simply unconstitutional?

As convincing as such legal arrangements may seem, anyone dealing with them knows that the respective outcome depends on the scope and weighting of what is considered during the investigation. Here, keyword demonstrations, the courts are turning out to be more vigilant and confident than they were at the start of the pandemic; they deserve trust. And if they destroy rules, it should not be misunderstood as a total failure of those who made them; weighing up remains a very subjective matter.

It is the wrong time for opinion and political triumph. Winter can be long and lonely than the last. It is important to save energy. Immunity.

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